Curriculum Vitae Prof. Luca Scorrano

He received his MD in 1996 and his PhD in 2001 from University of Padova Medical School. In 2000, he moved to Boston, for his postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of the late S.J. Korsmeyer (Harvard Medical School). There he discovered the process of “cristae remodelling” that is required for the progression of apoptosis. His studies changed the common tenet that mitochondrial morphology remains untouched during apoptosis. In 2003 he was recruited by the DTI as Assistant Scientist, the lab has been interested in the role of mitochondrial morphology and of “mitochondria-shaping” proteins in health and genetic diseases. They discovered that Opa1 mutated in dominant optic atrophy has genetically distinguishable functions in mitochondrial fusion and in cristae remodelling and apoptosis; identified calcineurin as a trigger of mitochondrial fission, responsible for fragmentation, cristae remodelling and cell death in Huntington’s disease; discovered that Mitofusin (Mfn) 2 represents the long sought link between mitochondria and ER and that mitochondria elongate to evade autophagy during limited nutrient availability. He has been awarded the Eppendorf European Young Investigator Award, as well as several national Awards, and he was elected EMBO Young Investigator in 2006 and became EMBO Member in 2012. In 2007 he was promoted to Senior Telethon Scientist and recruited as Full Professor by the Dept. of Cell Physiology and Medicine of the University of Geneva Medical School (Switzerland). He also joined the Editorial Board of several prestigious journals like The EMBO Journal in 2009.


2013 2013 ESCI Award for Excellence in Basic/Translational Research, European Society for Clinical Investigation
2012 Elected EMBO Member
Chair, Keystone Symposium “Mitochondrial Dynamics and Physiology” Banff (Canada)
2011 “Chiara D’Onofrio” Prize, The D’Onofrio Foundation
ERC Starting grant (Consolidator)
2006 Eppendorf European Young Investigator Award, Eppendorf-Nature
EMBO Young Investigator
2005 “Angelo Minich” Prize for Medicine, Venetian Institute of Science, Letter and Arts
Rotary Prize for Science, Rotary Padova (Italy)
2004 Career Development Award, HFSP
2003 “AICC-Onlus” Prize, Italian Association of Cell Culture (AICC)
2001 “G. Capozza” Prize, Italian Group of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes (GIBB)

10 papers of the 10 last years

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L. Gomes, G. Di Benedetto and L. Scorrano During autophagy mitochondria elongate, are spared from degradation and sustain cell viability Nat. Cell. Biol. 13:589–598 (2011)
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A. Kasahara, S. Cipolat, Y. Chen, and G.W. Dorn 2nd, L. Scorrano. Mitochondrial fusion directs cardiomyocyte differentiation via calcineurin and Notch signaling. Science 342:734-7 (2013).
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