Curriculum Vitae Prof. Francesco Pagano

Prof. Francesco Pagano was born on 8 September 1932 in Pace del Mela (Messina)

Professional career:
1957 MD cum laude at the University of Medicine in Messina
1964: Specialization in Urology, University of Padua. Assistant Professor in Urology, University of Padua
1968: Associate Professor of Urology, University of Padua
1971: Director of the Department of Urology at the Hospital of Brescia

1976-1978: Director of the Institute of Urology at the Hospital of Padua
1978- 1980: Professor and Director of the Institute of Urology at the University of Padua
1980: Director of the Specialty School of Urology at the University of Padua
International assignments
Until 1992 – Member of the European Committee of Urology for the Schools of Specialization
Until 1994 – Member of the Committee for East-West trades of the European Association of Urology
Since 1996 – Chairman of the European Academy of Urology
Awards and Recognition:
1993: Honorary Member of the A.U.A. Section of New-York
1995: Honorary Member of the Polish Association of Urology
1996: Honorary Member of the American Association of Urology
1996: American Italian Cancer Foundation Award for Scientific Excellence in Medicine

1997: Honorary Member of the European Society of Pediatric Urology
1997: Francisco Diaz Medal of the Spanish Society of Urology
1998: Award ‘Perez Castro’ for the best publication in the Archivio Espanol de Urologia
2000: Honorary Member of the American Society of genital urinary surgeons
Prof. Pagano in 1997 promoted an initiative to give birth to a Research Center of Advanced Molecular Biology with private funds made available by Venetian Industrials, Banks, Municipalities and by Veneto Region.
This initiative gave birth to the Foundation for Advanced Biomedical Research, through which the Advanced Laboratory of Molecular Medicine has been funded. This laboratory started its activities with the official name of VIMM: Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine.