Fioretti Manzin Award

Fioretti Manzin Award

testo alternativoThursday, April 9, 2015 there was the 8th edition of the Annual Award Manzin – Mario Fioretti, activated by Mrs. Luisa Fioretti Manzin in 2007 in memory of his father Mario Fioretti, Professor at the Department of Organic Chemistry, and her husband Ennio Manzin, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, at the Civil Hospital of Padua. This year the Lady awarded three researchers of VIMM (Giulitti Stefano, Elisa Mandato, Andrea Predonzani) who have distinguished themselves during the VIMM Annual Retreat – held in Preganziol on 6-7 February this year – for clarity in the presentation of their research, for the respect of the timing and accuracy and promptness in responding to questions. Elisa Mandato is concerned, on the one hand, to identify new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of lymphomas, aggressive and hardly curable diseases, on the other hand, to elucidate the mechanisms that can lead to neoplastic transformation and survival of cancer cells. Regarding the award Manzin she says “Initiatives like this award are important because they give reasons and can provide great satisfaction, encouraging young researchers in the difficult path chosen”. Andrea Predonzani is a member of a group focused on understanding the mechanisms that modulate the response of the system immune tumors and thanks for this recognition, which – in his opinion – “encourages the continuation of the work of many people in a spirit of cooperation and exchange of ideas, in a young and dynamic environment.” Stefano Giulitti, winner of Manzin for research on cellular reprogramming in microscale, says, about the project that he is working on at VIMM “with very few resources and ingenuity we have achieved something that abroad was funded with millions of dollars with no results. A project that does not remain on paper but also gives opportunities to develop drugs for rare diseases.”

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