Prof. Francesco Pagano


Prof. Francesco Pagano was born on 8 September 1932 in Pace del Mela (Messina)...


Prof. Luca Scorrano

Scientific Director

Prof. Luca Scorrano was born on 6 September 1971 in Padova


The Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine was inaugurated at the end of 2000. In these years it gradually grew to its present size of over 150 full-time researchers. The institute was founded to collect under the same roof researchers who had been working successfully in Padova in the area of Molecular Medicine. The goal was to generate the critical mass necessary to make the new institute competitive at the highest level.

A very important aspect was the support of the private Foundation of Advanced Biomedical Research, which allows greater flexibility in the use of resources than is usually permitted within universities and other public research institutions in Italy. It was also hoped that the new institute would attract brilliant young investigators from outside the Padova area. Happily, this has indeed happened.

The limited size of the new institute would have made it impossible to cover the entire area of Molecular Medicine. A choice of topics had thus to be made. It was decided to capitalize on some of the islands of high-level expertise existing in Padova and surrounding areas to orient the research of the new institute to the general theme of cellular signalling in various systems, from neurons to cancer cells. This was to be studied with tools as diverse as cell biology and biochemistry, biophysics and immunology. The different aspects of the fields presently covered in the institute should emerge from the presentations of the various research teams that can be found in the pages that follow.

Prof. Tullio Pozzan